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Real Estate Investors Association of North Central Indiana



You will meet friends who can help you through the worst situations.

Experienced Investors

You will meet experienced investors who can help you analyze where you should buy (or not buy), how much you should pay or how much to charge for your properties.

Landlord Help

You can learn how to avoid bad tenants, how to keep good tenants, and how to get rid of tenants you don’t want.


You can learn how to sell your properties when you get ready to sell and how to market them quickly.

Vendor Leads

You can find out which insurance agents, accountants, realtors and lawyers are most knowledgeable about real estate investing and who are most sensitive to our concerns.


You will learn how to analyze likely renovation costs and what properties to avoid no matter what the price might be.

Monthly Meetings

You can attend our monthly meetings on the 4th Thursday of each month at the community room at St. Paul’s where we have speakers on subjects such as finding investment money for purchasers, securing financing from owners, selecting your tenants, selling on land contract, and dealing with other investment concerns.

National Speakers

You can hear national speakers who come from as far away as Florida and California to help us learn investment techniques that are working there and which likely would work here, too. .


You will receive our monthly newsletters which have valuable information about new techniques and new laws.


You can learn about new ways to acquire properties cheaply through mechanisms like tax sales, foreclosures, flips, and bird dogs.

Landlord Network

You will meet fellow landlords who have retired and are willing to share the strategies they used to get out of the rat’s race and collect rents and enjoy life the way they want to live.


You can join the real estate group which has been the most successful in our area of getting caps on real estate taxes and getting rid of other anti-landlord laws.